Drawing Prompts for Kids to Encourage Creativity – Three Months of Ideas!

These drawing prompts are perfect for kids of all ages! When your kids are bored and lacking imagination, this huge list of things to draw for kids will help to spark creativity, AND keep your kids busy. Add these kids’ drawing ideas to your “I’m Bored” jar for fun activities for kids to do at home!

“Mom, what should I draw?”

You look up and see your child standing there with her sketch pad and colored pencils, ready to be creative, but clearly at a loss for ideas.

And you’re too pre-occupied with your Mom jobs to be of much help… “I don’t know… draw an apple.”

Sound familiar?

Half the battle of getting started on a fun activity is figuring out what to actually do, right? By the way, if you need more fun boredom busters for kids then check out these posts:

So I’ve taken the guess work out of “What to draw for kids?”… Here are some awesome drawing prompts for the next time your kids are bored and need ideas for what to draw.

Drawing Prompts for Kids - Great boredom busters!

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90 Drawing Prompts for Kids

  • Draw two kids building a sandcastle on the beach.
  • Draw what the Oval Office would look like if you were hired to decorate it.
  • Scientists discover a brand new animal… Draw what it looks like.
  • Draw a unicorn eating grass in an enchanted forest.
  • Draw your dream home.
  • Draw an under the sea scene with a mermaid.
  • Draw a fisherman catching a fish.
  • Draw a scene from your favorite movie.
  • Draw a food truck that serves your favorite food.
  • Draw an amusement park with a rollercoaster and a ferris wheel.
  • Draw a rocket ship taking off into space.
  • Make up a new superhero… Draw him in the middle of saving someone or something.
  • Draw your favorite teacher in his or her classroom.
  • Draw your dream birthday party.
  • Draw your favorite animal at the zoo.
  • Draw a clown performing with a circus animal.
  • Draw a shipwreck on the ocean floor.
  • Draw a princess looking out the window of a castle.
  • Draw the galaxy with a spaceship and planets.
  • Draw people picking apples in an apple orchard.
  • Draw a scene of your favorite holiday.
  • Draw a giraffe eating leaves off a tall tree.
  • Draw your best friend and yourself playing outside together.
  • Draw a butterfly garden.
  • Draw a dinosaur taking a bath.
  • Draw a bakery case filled with cakes, cookies, and other sweets.
  • Draw a kid walking into school on crazy hat day.
  • Draw a turtle swimming in a pond.
  • Draw kids playing in a pool.
  • Draw a shelf full of toys at a toy store.
  • Draw a pirate with a parrot standing on a beach.
  • Draw a flower pot filled with flowers.
  • Draw a race car racing around a race track.
  • Draw a pizza with all of your favorite toppings on it.
  • Draw three animals in a jungle scene.
  • Draw a Mommy and baby birds in a nest.
  • Draw your favorite toy.
  • Draw a ladybug and a bee in a garden.
  • Draw an ice cream cone with your favorite ice cream flavor and toppings.
  • Draw a bunch of colorful vegetables in the grocery store.
  • Draw three farm animals in a barn.
  • Draw a big, decorated birthday cake with ten candles on it.
  • Draw someone playing an instrument on a stage.
  • Draw a picture of your pet, or a pet that you wish you had.
  • Draw ants crawling on watermelon slices.
  • Draw a fire truck with a fire hose.
  • Draw a tropical island in the middle of the ocean.
  • Draw an airplane flying through the clouds.
  • Draw a robot doing one of your chores. By the way… go to this post for Printable Chore Charts for Kids with Age Appropriate Chores!
  • Draw your favorite donut.
  • Draw your favorite Disney character.
  • Draw a snail crawling on a leaf.
  • Draw a rabbit in the middle of a vegetable garden.
  • Draw a cactus in a colorful pot.
  • Draw a rainbow in the sky after a storm.
  • Draw a field of sunflowers.
  • Draw a monkey swinging from a vine.
  • Draw a row of different houses on a street.
  • Draw a fish swimming in a fish bowl with coral and a treasure chest.
  • Draw a bee hive on a branch.
  • Draw a mouse with a piece of cheese.
  • Draw a taxi in New York City.
  • Draw a place that you want to visit.
  • Draw a girl holding a bunch of balloons in fun shapes.
  • Draw a tent and a campfire in the forest.
  • Draw a caterpillar eating a leaf.
  • Draw a boy holding an umbrella in a rain storm.
  • Combine body parts of three different animals to make one new animal.
  • Draw chickens in a chicken coop.
  • Draw an owl sitting in a tree.
  • Draw the sun setting over the mountains.
  • Draw a penguin family on an iceberg.
  • Draw what you had for breakfast.
  • Draw a slice of your favorite cake on a plate.
  • Draw an arctic animal ice skating.
  • Draw a guitar with music notes in the background.
  • Draw a wiener dog eating a bone.
  • Draw a school bus on the way to school.
  • Draw a school of jellyfish under the sea.
  • Draw clouds in the sky that look like food or animals.
  • Draw feathers floating through the air.
  • Draw your room.
  • Draw a backpack with pins and keychains on it.
  • Draw hot air balloons in the sky.
  • Draw a picture full of your favorite foods.
  • Draw roses in a rose garden.
  • Draw two birds sitting on a tree branch.
  • Draw a picture of your family.
  • Draw a monster hiding under a bed.
  • Draw a planet with some shooting stars.

Make a Drawing Prompts Jar

For a fun activity for kids, turn these drawing prompts into an “I’m Bored” Jar. Just print out the drawing prompts, cut on the dotted lines, and place the prompts in a mason jar.

You can even let your kids decorate the jar as another fun craft idea. Or use my printable label for your drawing prompts jar:

Drawing Prompts for Kids - Great boredom busters!

Then, when your kids are feeling bored, they can just pick a random drawing prompt out of the jar.

Get the Free Printable List of Drawing Prompts

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In the FREEBIES library you’ll find these drawing prompts in Calendar form, or List form to use for your Drawing Prompts Jar!

My Kids’ Favorite Drawing and Coloring Supplies

Asking a kid to make a masterpiece (you know, one that will take longer to do than 5 minutes) without the proper supplies is like asking Picasso to paint a canvas without a brush… So encourage your kids’ creativity by supplying them with some fun new art supplies.

Here are a few of my daughters’ favorites:


I just bought my girls these sketchbooks (affiliate). They’re GREAT because they are spiral bound, so it’s easy to turn the pages and start a new drawing. And there are less random pieces of paper floating around your house.

Watercolor Paper

If your kids are a bit older like my daughter (she’s 10), then I recommend a good quality watercolor paper like this one (affiliate) that is 140 lb weight. This paper is seriously heavy duty, so it’s perfect if your kids want to paint their drawings.

Ohuhu Markers

My oldest daughter got these markers (affiliate) as a birthday gift last year, and she absolutely LOVES them. They’re GREAT quality markers for a very affordable price, and they come with their own carrying case!

markers for kids drawings

Colored Pencils

Colored pencils are great to use in regular sketchbooks, because you don’t have to worry about them bleeding through the pages.

How to Draw Books

You can find some great “How to Draw” books for kids on Amazon. I recently bought my girls this book of how to draw cute foods (affiliate) and other items with little faces… Kind of like Shopkins. Random, I know, but they LOVE it.

Kids Need Help with These Drawing Ideas?

These drawing prompts for what to draw are GREAT for kids of ALL ages! My daughters are 8 and 10 and, although they have different artistic abilities, they both really enjoy these drawing prompts.

If your kids aren’t sure how to draw certain things on the list, don’t worry! I recommend searching Pinterest or Google for “How to draw _____ for kids”. You’ll probably find at least a few step by step drawing tutorials that are perfect for kids… just like this one:

Ideas for what to draw for kids

Art for Kids is also a great resource for how to draw for kids! You can find LOADS of videos that your kids can watch for how to draw different drawing prompts on this list.

Hope you enjoyed this easy idea for how to keep kids busy at home!

Be sure to PIN it for later and…

Happy Nesting!

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