Christmas Light Scavenger Hunt with Free Printable List

This Christmas Light Scavenger Hunt is an easy and FREE Christmas activity that the whole family will love! Grab the free printable Christmas Light Scavenger Hunt list now!

Going for a drive to look at Christmas lights is one of my kids’ favorite Christmas traditions. Every Christmas Eve, we pile into the car, make a quick pitstop for hot chocolate and donuts and cruise the neighborhoods admiring all of the pretty lights.

It’s a really fun, simple, and FREE Christmas activity that your family can do together, whether you’ve got toddlers or teenagers!

And if you want to make the drive even more fun, you can add in this free printable Christmas Lights Scavenger Hunt!

printable Christmas light scavenger hunt on a clipboard

How to Do a Christmas Light Scavenger Hunt

A Christmas Light Scavenger Hunt could NOT be easier to plan… which makes it a great family activity for the already overloaded and super busy holiday season!

Here’s how to do your own Christmas Light Scavenger Hunt with your family:

1. Plan a time for your Scavenger Hunt.

My family has a long-standing tradition of going on a drive to look at Christmas lights every Christmas Eve, but you could also do a walking Christmas light hunt.

If you live in a warmer climate, why not walk around a well-decorated neighborhood looking for Christmas lights? This is a great way to get some exercise (and wear out your kids on Christmas Eve!).

2. Print the FREE Christmas Light Scavenger Hunt List.

Click HERE to download the FREE Printable Christmas Light Scavenger Hunt list!

printable Christmas light scavenger hunt list

3. Bring hot chocolate and Christmas cookies!

This is totally optional but HIGHLY recommended! You can even bake your own yummy Christmas cookies with your kids, like these cute Rudolph Sugar Cookies, to bring with you on your scavenger hunt.

reindeer sugar cookies on a wire rack

4. Have prizes for the winner!

What’s a fun family activity without a little competition?! If you have older kids, you can up the ante and offer a prize for the person that finds the most items on the list.

Prizes could include:

  • coffee gift card
  • iTunes gift card
  • one week off of chores
  • getting to open the first present on Christmas Day
  • deciding on the Christmas movie that the family will watch
mockup of scavenger hunt list

Make Your Own Christmas Scavenger Hunt for Kids

If you don’t want to use the free printable, you can also make your own scavenger hunt list! Here are some awesome ideas for how to turn this fun Christmas scavenger hunt activity into an art project (to keep your kids busy for even longer!):

  • Have your kids cut pictures out of the December issue of a magazine and glue them to a piece of card stock or construction paper. Then, when you go on your family scavenger hunt, they have to find the items in the pictures.
  • Let kids draw their own pictures of Christmas items like Santa and reindeer to find during the scavenger hunt.
  • Have kids write out their own list of scavenger hunt items. This is a great way for them to get some extra writing practice, too!

Things to Include in Your Christmas Scavenger Hunt

  • Santa
  • angel
  • Baby Jesus
  • candy cane
  • deer
  • sleigh
  • dancing lights
  • snowflake lights
  • Santa’s mailbox
  • sign that says “The North Pole”
  • The Grinch
  • Charlie Brown and Snoopy
  • fake snow
  • a Disney character
  • penguin
  • polar bear
  • reindeer
  • gingerbread house
  • elf
  • toy soldier
  • train
  • giant inflatable
  • snowman
  • Christmas tree decorated with white lights
  • Christmas tree decorated with multicolor lights
  • reindeer antlers on a car
  • wreath on a car

I hope your kids LOVE this fun and easy Christmas activity! And be sure to check out my other free printable scavenger hunts:

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Happy Nesting! And Merry Christmas!

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