Free Printable Monster Valentines for Kids to Give Out

These cute monster valentines are 3-D and perfectly sized to hold a fun-size candy bar. Just download the free printable monster valentine cards and assemble for easy and cheap valentines for your kids to pass out in their classrooms.

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, so your kids are probably looking for the perfect valentines cards to give out to their classmates. And you’re probably looking for valentines that are cheap and easy to make!

Well, I’ve got you covered!

These cute monster valentines can be printed at home and they’re FREE! Just add a mini fun size candy bar to the monster’s mouth or you can add in a small party favor-type toy from Dollar Tree.

Here’s how to make your own DIY monster valentines with the free printable cards:

monster valentines with candy

Monster Valentines Supplies

  • free printable monster valentines
  • white card stock
  • printer
  • scissors
  • tape – to hold the treats in the monster’s mouth
  • fun size candy bars or other small treats

How to Put the DIY Monster Valentines Together

Step 1: Download and print the free printable monster valentine cards.

First you need to download and print the valentine cards. The cute cards come in both color and black and white versions, so your kids can color their own valentines for their friends if they want.

Click HERE to download the free printable monster valentines!

free printable monster valentines cards

I recommend printing the cards on white card stock, because then they will sit up better and they will be sturdier after you add in a piece of candy.

I printed mine on 65 lb. white card stock. If you’re printing at home, that’s probably the heaviest weight that your printer can handle without jamming.

Step 2: Cut out the valentines.

You can even have your kids cut out the valentines themselves for some fine motor practice. Not to mention, this is a great way to keep them busy for a bit!

Step 3: Fold the monster valentine cards.

After all of the cards are cut out, it’s time to fold them so that they are 3D. Simply fold on the two dotted lines to form the open mouth.

Here’s what they should look like folded:

folded valentines cards that look like monsters

Step 4: Tape a piece of candy to the inside of the monster valentines.

Use a piece of Scotch tape folded over itself. Place the tape on the bottom side of a candy bar or a small toy and attach it to the monster card. You can tape the goodies right under the wording on the monster’s mouth, so that the cute sentiments are still visible.

Don’t want to use candy? Here are some other goodies that you can attach to the valentines:

  • mini slime containers from Dollar Tree
  • mini monster finger puppets
  • mini containers of Play-doh
  • small pack of crayons
  • the small individual packs of Oreos

Or you can also leave the monster cards as is… no candy or toy necessary.

Here’s what your finished valentines should look like:

woman holding a monster valentine with a piece of candy in its mouth

Other Free Printable Valentines Cards

Want some other non-candy printable valentine cards for kids? Check out these super cute cards that you can print for FREE:

Kool Aid Valentines

Valentines that say You're a Kool friend attached to juice boxes

DIY Slime Valentines with Free Printable Cards (and an awesome slime recipe to make your own!)

Valentines day slime in portion cups with printable tag

Goldfish Valentines for Kids

printable valentine cards attached to goldfish snack cracker bags

And if you want to make a matching valentines box, then check out this super cute monster valentine box from Skip to My Lou.

I hope you enjoyed this super cute valentines card idea! If you try them out, I’d LOVE to hear what you think! Leave me a comment down below.

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free printable monster valentines Pinterest graphic

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