Kool Aid Valentines with FREE Printable!

These free printable Kool Aid valentines are SUPER easy DIY Valentines for kids. Just print the “You’re a Kool Friend” tag, and add a Kool Aid Jammers juice pouch!

I’m back with another free printable non candy Valentine for you! Though admittedly, a Kool Aid juice pouch probably has just as much sugar as a candy bar. But, hey, it’s a holiday, right?!

These Kool Aid Valentines are great for kids to pass out at school, because they’re SO easy to make, and you can get Kool Aid Jammers box juices for so cheap! I’ve actually seen them at my local grocery store on sale for as low as 99 cents for an 8 pack box, so this is one of the MOST inexpensive Valentines that you will probably ever find!

Here’s how to make your own DIY Valentines with Kool Aid Jammers juice pouches:


  • Free Printable Kool Aid Valentines cards – Grab the free printable at the end of this post!
  • Kool Aid Jammers juice pouches
  • Ribbon
  • Scissors
  • Hole punch
  • Tape

How to Make Kool Aid Valentines

  • Print the Valentines cards on white card stock and cut them out.
  • Using a hole punch, punch two holes in the top of each valentine.
free printable valentines that say "You're a Kool Friend"

  • Fold a piece of tape in a circle, and tape one valentine card to the back of each Kool Aid Jammers juice pouch so that the tape is hidden.
  • Wrap a piece of ribbon around the drink pouch and thread it through the holes in the top of the valentine. Then tie a pretty bow.
valentines cards taped to a juice pouch

And that’s it! Your SUPER easy kids’ Valentines are done and ready to be passed out in their classrooms!

Not bad for just a few minutes of work, right?!

Valentines that say You're a Kool friend attached to juice boxes

Free Printable “You’re a Kool Friend” Valentines

printable Kool Aid valentines for kids

Click HERE to download the FREE Printable Valentines!

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