Free Printable Funny Christmas Gift Tags

These free printable Christmas gift tags are funny AND festive! Swap your normal old sticker gift tags for these funny gift tags to show your sense of humor this holiday!

“It doesn’t suck.”

I look over at my pre-teen daughter who has just tried a bite of Chicken Alfredo with (gasp!) broccoli.

Yes, she used the S-U-C-K word, which I don’t particularly like, but she did just expand her tastebuds, so I’ll take it.

The great thing about kids is that they can be brutally honest. And in this case, my cooking didn’t “suck”.

Yup, if you ever want to know the truth, just ask your kid… unless of course you’re asking who ate the last cookie, who went to the bathroom without flushing, or who left their wet towel on the floor.

And sometimes that brutal honesty is flat out funny. Like when your 9 year old tells you “I don’t believe in the tooth fairy, but I believe in the money.” Ha!

And if your family members have a funny/honest/sarcastic side, then dish out some of your own humor this Christmas in the form of some fun gift tags… like “This present doesn’t suck!”.

These printable Christmas gift tags are funny AND sarcastic, and you can download them for FREE… so I’d call that a win-win!

funny printable Christmas gift tags

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Sayings for Sarcastic Funny Christmas Gift Tags

Want to make your own funny and honest Christmas gift tags? Or, are you looking for something cheeky to write in your Christmas cards? Here are some great ideas for you:

  • “Santa said I could take credit for this one!”
  • “Imagine the most amazing super best gift you could ever think of… this is not it!”
  • “Act like you like it or next time you’ll get coal!”
  • “Yes, I did find this on the side of the road! You’re welcome.”
  • “I don’t even remember what this is.”
  • “Take a deep breath and lower your expectations.”
  • “This present doesn’t suck.”
  • “I lost the gift receipt, so you’re stuck with it.”
  • “I wish you had less expensive taste.”
  • “Sorry, it’s not a pony.”
  • “It was either this or socks.”
  • “I hope you like fruitcake…”

Free Printable Funny Christmas Gift Tags

Just click the link below to download these Christmas gift tags. Then print them out on white or light-colored card stock, punch a hole in the top, and add some ribbon or twine.

free printable funny Christmas gift tags

Click HERE to download the FREE Funny Christmas Gift Tags!

Other Honest and Sarcastic Gift Tags

If you don’t want to print your own funny holiday tags, then you can find some super cute ones already made for you on Etsy and Amazon! Here are some of my favorites:

These Modern and Minimalist Gift Tags from Alsop White Paper Co. would be great with bold black and white or natural kraft paper gift wrapping!

modern black and white Christmas gift tags

These funny toilet paper gift tags from JP Journals are PERFECT for your 2020 Christmas gifts!

toilet paper gift tags

These kraft paper sarcastic gift tags come in a pack of 200 for a great price!

These funny gift tags are self-adhesive, and I love the bright and bold designs!

And be sure to PIN these honest and funny holiday gift tags for later!

printable sheets of funny Christmas gift tags on a clipboard

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And happy nesting!

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