75+ Valentines Puns for Valentine Card Ideas!

These Valentines puns are perfect for kids Valentine cards! Coming up with a cute and cheeky pun for your DIY Valentines cards is half the battle, so I’ve done some of the work for you!

I know I’ve been on a Valentine’s Day kick lately!

From Non-Candy Valentines for Kids to these super cute Rice Krispy Treats Heart Boxes, I’ve just been in the mood for all things red, pink, hearts, and chocolate.

And with Valentine’s Day right around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about Valentine card ideas for your kiddos.

If you’re the Momma that likes to make DIY Valentines cards for kids, then here are some great Valentines puns and some Valentines treat ideas to go with them:

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Candy Puns for Valentines

  • Valentine, You Blow me away! – Blow pops or bubble gum
  • I’m a Sucker for you! – For lollipops
  • I “Chews” You! – For bubble gum, taffy, or Airheads
  • Valentine, you’re a Gem! – For ring pops
  • Valentine, I like you “Beary” much! – For gummy bears
  • You are a “Beary” good friend! – For gummy bears
  • Valentine, our friendship Rocks! – For pop rocks
  • Valentine, you’re a Catch! – For Swedish fish
  • Dip Dip Hooray! – For Fun Dip candy
  • Hugs & Kisses – For Hershey’s kisses
  • Valentine, I think you’re Extra special! – For Extra gum
Bubble Gum Valentines with Puns!

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Valentines Puns for Food

  • You have a “Pizza” my heart! -Great for these pizza gummies (affiliate)
  • I know it’s “Corny” but our Friend-Chip means so much! – For individual bags of Fritos corn chips
  • Orange you glad we’re friends?! – For orange Valentines
  • Valentine, you’re a Cutie! – For Cutie oranges
  • Valentine, I am “Nuts” for you! – For individual bags of nuts
  • I wish I had “S’more” friends like you! – For bags of graham crackers, marshmallows, and mini Hershey’s bars
  • I’m Bananas for you – You can write this on the side of a banana
  • Valentine, I’m Cereal-sly glad we’re friends! – For mini boxes of kids’ cereal (affiliate)
  • Valentine, you are one smart Cookie! – For individual packs of cookies
  • Valentine, you are all that and a bag of Chips! – For individual bags of chips
  • I like you… “Dill” with it! – For these individual pickle packs (affiliate)
  • Valentine, I like the way you roll! – For fruit roll ups
  • Valentine, I am O-Fish-ally Hooked on you! – For individual bags of goldfish
  • Valentine, you make my heart POP! – For popcorn bags
  • Valentine, you are Awesome Sauce! – For applesauce pouches like GoGo Squeeze
  • You “Cracker” me up! – For individual packs of crackers

Puns for Donuts

  • I “Donut” know what I would do without you!
  • “Donut” you know I like you a “hole” bunch!
  • “Donut” worry, be Happy!
  • “Donut” you know, you’re amazing!
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Puns for School Supplies

  • Valentine, I think you are just “Write” – For mechanical pencils
  • Valentine, our friendship can never be Erased – For cute erasers
  • I think you’re re-Marker-able! – For markers
  • Valentine, let’s stick together! – For glue bottles or glue sticks
  • Valentine, I’m stuck on you! – For glue
  • Hope you have a Colorful Valentine’s Day! – For boxes of crayons
  • Valentine, nobody Measures up to you! – For rulers

Valentines Puns for Slime

These Valentines puns are specifically for slime, which is HUGELY popular with kids right now. You could even buy this DIY slime kit with individual containers and loads of slime mix-ins (affiliate), and let your child make their own slime to give out on Valentine’s Day!

  • Happy Valen-Slime-s Day!
  • Valentine, I’m Goo-Goo for you!
  • Hope you have a Slime-tastic Day!
  • Will you be my Valen-Slime?

Valentines Puns for Toy Cars and Trucks

  • You make my heart do laps!
  • You make my heart race!
  • Valentine, I Dig You! (For toy construction trucks)
  • Valentine, I “Wheelie” like you!

Valentines Puns for Other Toys

  • Valentine, I get a “Kick” out of you! – For small soccer balls or soccer ball erasers
  • You light up my life! – For glow sticks
  • Valentine, you make my heart Glow! – For glow sticks
  • Let’s stick together! – For sticker sheets
  • I like how you roll! – For bouncy balls
  • You make my heart go Boing Boing! – For mini slinkies
  • You are Dino- mite! – For these toy dinosaurs
  • Valentine, thank you for being my “Friend-osaurus”! – For toy dinosaurs
  • Valentine, you are A-“Doh”-able! – For small playdoh tubs
  • “Doh” you want to be my Valentine? – For playdoh
  • You’re Ex-Straw Special! – For crazy straws like these (affiliate)
  • Valentine, I’m crazy for you! – For crazy straws
  • Valentine, you color my world! – For boxes of crayons
  • Whoopee! It’s so Fart-tastic that we’re friends! – For whoopee cushions
  • Whoopee, it’s Valentine’s Day! – For whoopee cushions
  • Valentine, you’re a great Catch! – For mini footballs
  • Valentine, I am blinded by your light! – For sunglasses
  • You are A-Maze-Ing! – For toy maze games
  • Valentine, you make my heart SOAR! – For toy plans from Dollar Tree
  • Valentine, you are “Fin”-tastic! – For toy sharks or fish

Valentines Puns for Girls

  • School would “Knot” be the same without you! – For friendship bracelets
  • Slappy Valentine’s Day! – For slap bracelets like these (affiliate)
  • Hope you have a “Slap”-tastic Valentine’s Day! – For slap bracelets
  • Will you be my Valentine? Yay or “Neigh”? – For unicorn toys or rainbow spiral lollipops on a unicorn card
  • You Glow Girl! – For glow sticks
  • Valentine, We “Mer-maid” to be Friends! – For mermaid toys or jewelry
  • Love is in the “Hair” – For hair ties, headbands, or hair elastics
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Puns for Teacher Gifts

  • You are the “write” teacher for me! – For packs of pens, pencils, or Sharpies
  • You are Re-marker-able! – For dry erase markers or highlighters
  • Just in Queso you didn’t know… I’m glad you’re my teacher! – For gift cards to Chipotle, Moe’s, or other Mexican restaurants
  • You are “Nacho” average teacher! – For Mexican restaurant gift cards
  • Thanks a Latte for being a great teacher! – For Starbucks gift card
  • Valentine, you’re the Balm! – For lip balm
  • Spread LOVE, Not germs! – For hand sanitizer or hand soap

Don’t you just love a good pun?! I hope these have inspired you to create your own unique Valentines for your kids’ Valentine exchanges this year!

And if you want to surprise your hubby with a “punny” Valentine too, then go here for even more Punny Valentines for Everyone on Your List!

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