Donut Gift Tags – FREE Printables for Teacher Gift Ideas

Looking for cheap teacher gift ideas? Use this FREE donut gift tags printable to create super cute and easy teacher appreciation gifts! These printable donut gift tags are also perfect for neighbor gifts, or “just because” gifts.

free printable gift tags for teacher appreciation gifts

It’s that time of year. Teacher appreciation time.

Your kids’ teachers have put up with them for 7 hours a day for the last 36ish weeks. And you know your kids… if anyone deserves a gift, it’s those poor teachers.

I can speak from experience. I worked for a brief stint as a preschool teacher, before changing to a work from home position with VIPKID (by the way, if you’re looking for a fun and easy job that pays well and doesn’t require you to put on real clothes, then check out this post about Everything You Need to Know About VIPKID!).

Plus, my sister was an elementary school teacher before her extended maternity leave to raise her three kids.

Teachers deserve ALL of the appreciation, and ALL of the gifts. Trust me.

But, I also know that it can get really expensive to buy multiple teacher appreciation gifts each year. I have two daughters, and my oldest daughter has two main teachers… plus a speech teacher, a music teacher, a gym teacher, a computer teacher, a bus driver (don’t forget about them!), and the list goes on and on.

That’s about 42 teachers to buy gifts for each year, or at least that’s how my bank account sees it.

So, how can you show those teachers that you appreciate all of their hard work without taking out a small loan?


Who doesn’t love a donut?! Or two or three?

donut gift tags

And these super cute donut gift tags make it easy to whip up an inexpensive teacher gift in no time.

Donut Gift Tags Printable – Perfect for Easy Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas

Just print out these donut gift tags, preferably on card stock, and use some ribbon to tie them to a box or bag of donuts. Aren’t they cute?

donut gift tags printable

If you have a little bit of wiggle room in your budget for teacher appreciation gifts, then you can add a Dunkin Donuts gift card also.

I would have been thrilled to get this gift as a teacher!

And, if you’re looking for teacher appreciation gift ideas then I HIGHLY recommend anything consumable. What do I mean by consumable?

Anything that can be used up or eaten. Or gift cards.

Donuts, school supplies, Sharpies, movie tickets, snacks, restaurant gift cards… all of these things can be consumed or used up. Yes, personalized knick-knacks are nice, but think about how many students a teacher will have over the course of a career…

If each student gifted a personalized pencil cup or “Mrs. —” sign, then eventually that teacher is going to need a much bigger desk.

And, trust me, as a teacher there are many days that you want to come home and just eat carbs.

So, easy donut gift tags it is!

donut gift tags free printable for teacher appreciation gifts

And, the great thing about these printable donut gift tags is that they come in a variety of sayings so you can use them for gifts for neighbors, mailmen, friends, pastors, bus drivers, principals, or anyone else that you want to feel appreciated.

Here are the sayings for these FREE printable donut gift tags:

  • Donut Know What I Would Do Without a Teacher Like You
  • Thanks a “Hole” Bunch! – perfect for a cute bag of donut holes
  • Donut Know We Appreciate You a “Hole” Bunch – great for donuts AND donut holes
  • Donut Cry, I’m Here for You – great if you have a friend that’s going through a rough patch
  • Donut You Know You’re Amazing!
  • Thank You! We Donut Know What We’d Do Without You!


donut gift tags printable

Want more easy teacher appreciation gift ideas with free printable gift tags? Check out this post from Thrifty Frugal Mom for more great ideas!

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