Cute Halloween Bookmarks to Make with Your Kids

Want a fun Halloween craft to make with your kids? Try these spooky cute Halloween bookmarks that “hug” book pages!

Halloween is right around the corner, and my kids and I have been busy working on our Halloween Bucket List to get ready for it!

And since both of my girls love all things crafty, we had to add some fun Halloween crafts to our October to-do list!

Both of our daughters also love to read, so we decided to try our hand at some cute Halloween bookmarks, and I absolutely LOVE how they turned out! If you want a fun and easy craft to do with your kids this October, then grab some colored construction paper and glue and make these cute bookmarks that “hug” the book pages!

ghost, candy corn, and cat halloween bookmarks to make

How to Make the “Hug” Halloween Bookmarks

Step 1: Gather Your Supplies

Step 2: Cut out the Halloween character patterns and trace the shapes.

The first step is to trace the candy corn, bat, cat, and ghost templates onto the correct colored papers. To do this, you will first need to print the PDF pattern on white paper (or card stock to make your patterns sturdier), and then cut out each shape.

Then, trace the template patterns on to the coordinating colored papers:

  • Ghost – Trace the patterns on to white craft paper.
  • Candy Corn – Use white, orange, and yellow paper.
  • Cat and Bat – Use the black or gray paper and white paper for the eyes.
ghost and candy corn Halloween bookmarks in process

Once you’ve traced all of the shapes, cut them out. *Bonus – This is a GREAT way for your younger kids to practice their fine motor skills!

Step 3: Glue the shapes together to make your Halloween bookmarks.

For the Candy Corn Bookmark:

Glue the yellow cutout of the candy corn along the bottom side of the white candy corn base piece. Then, glue the orange cutout right above the yellow piece like this:

ghost and candy corn Halloween bookmarks in process

Then glue the eyes at the top of the candy corn. You can also just draw the eyes directly on the bookmark base if you prefer.

For the Ghost Bookmark:

Simply cut out the ghost pieces from the PDF template and glue on or draw on the eyes.

For the Cat Bookmark:

Glue the eye pieces and the pink nose piece to the cat’s face. Then, glue on the cat’s tail to the bottom right of the body piece.

For the Bat Bookmark:

Glue the eyes to the bat base piece. The wings of the bat character will act as the arms to “hug” your book pages, so be sure to glue them on using the instructions in the next step.

Step 4: Glue on the arms of each character to finish the Halloween “Hug” Bookmarks.

Apply glue on the right and left sides of the Halloween characters and place the arm cutouts on top of the glue. Be sure to attach the arms facing towards each other, towards the inside of the base, so that your bookmarks can “hug” the pages of your books.

arms being glued on halloween hug bookmarks

For the bat, make sure that the wings are facing each other, and glue only the outer edge of the wings.

Then, use scissors to trim the extra sides of the arm cutouts and align the outer edges of the arms with the base outlines. *See the photo above for reference – the ends of the arms sticking off the bookmark will need to be trimmed.

Step 5: Draw the mouths on your Halloween character bookmarks.

Lastly, use a sharpie or pen to draw the mouth on your Halloween characters like this:

kids halloween bookmarks on a book page

To use your super cute Halloween character bookmarks, just slide a page under the arms to save your page!

Other Halloween Paper Crafts

Want some other fun Halloween paper crafts that are perfect for your kindergarteners or elementary-aged kids? Check out some of these ideas:

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finished witch hat Halloween crafts on a table

Printable Paper Pumpkin Craft for Kids – This fun Halloween printable combines a craft AND a game in one! First put together the paper die, and then use it to roll different patterns to draw on your paper pumpkin template.

paper pumpkin doodle game for kids

Roll a Pumpkin Game – Free Printable Dice Game for Kids! – Another fun craft and game in one… This one is similar to the Cootie Bug game! Take two dice and roll them to see what to draw on the pumpkin templates.

free printable roll a pumpkin dice game

And check out some of my other fun Halloween ideas that your kids will LOVE:

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