Free Printable September Calendar – 8 Different 2021 Calendar PDFs!

Need a printable September calendar? I’ve got you covered! Download and print 8 different cute September 2021 calendar PDFs to get yourself organized!

I would be lost without my paper calendars. I’ve never been one to use a calendar app or any other digital calendar because I just simply can’t keep up with it. I’m much more of a pen and paper kind of gal.

And printing out a new calendar PDF is one of the things I do on the first of every month, like clockwork.

Printable calendars are an awesome and inexpensive tool to help keep your family organized. Whether you print out a calendar PDF each month and hang it in your family command center, hole punch it and add it to your planner, or you just hang a simple paper calendar on your fridge to jot down important events that pop up during the month, printable 2021 calendars are super useful!

I even print each of my daughters their own monthly calendars so that they can keep track of school assignments they have due and which days of the week they have gym class so they don’t forget to pack the right shoes.

And I’m sharing my super cute printable September 2021 calendars with you!

printable September calendar PDF on a colorful clipboard

Why You Should Use a Free Printable Calendar

If you don’t use a planner or calendar system to stay organized, then you’re missing out, friend! Here are some reasons why I LOVE PDF calendars that I can print at home:

It saves you money!

No need to spend money on a September calendar when you can get one for free… well, except for the cost of a piece of paper and some printer ink.

The thing that I love about using printable calendars is that you can find a TON of free ones to download online and print at home, including the cute 2021 calendar PDFs that I have at the end of this post!

Using a paper calendar takes less time than a digital one.

I know this goes against logic, because we’re all engrained to believe that everything is quicker and more efficient when it comes in the form of an app or a digital resource, but studies have actually shown that writing down your schedule on paper takes significantly less time than typing it into an app or electronic device.

In fact, a study done by neuroscientist Kuniyoshi Sakai found that participants using a paper datebook were able to fill in their calendar in about 11 minutes, versus 14 minutes for tablet users and 16 minutes for smartphone users.

Another win for printable calendars in paper form!

You’re more likely to remember important dates and to-do’s.

I’m sure you’ve heard about the studies done that show that writing things down helps your memory retention when taking notes, and the same applies to writing things down by hand on a calendar.

Also, much like doing a brain dump, getting all of your monthly to-do’s out of your head and on to a calendar can help ensure that you don’t forget about any important events, appointments, or deadlines.

I even created this DIY Giant Wall Calendar so that I can see the entire year at one time and plan ahead. This beauty hangs in my office and I use it to keep track of work-related due dates and deadlines:

large wall calendar with all 12 months hanging on the wall

How to Use the Calendar Printable PDFs

Printing out a cute calendar is one thing, but actually putting it to good use is another. Here are some ideas for how to use your calendar PDF:

  • Add it to your planner – You can find instructions for how to re-size US Letter PDFs to fit different Happy Planner sizes here!
  • Print and hang on your fridge or family command center
  • Print extra copies for your kids to track their homework and after-school activities – This is a GREAT way to start teaching them about self-accountability!
  • Print separate copies for family and work-related tasks

What’s Happening in September?

After you’ve got your printable September calendar ready to go, it’s time to fill it in with important holidays and family activities. Here are some major September holidays and happenings you may want to include on your 2021 calendar:

  • September 6 – Labor Day
  • September 11 – Patriot Day
  • September 12 – Grandparent’s Day
  • September 22 – First Day of Fall – Add one of these fun fall activities to your free printable Fall Bucket List!
  • Back to School
  • Football games, tailgates, etc.
fall bucket list printables on wood and leaf background

Go here for a full list of wacky and fun September holidays (like National Chocolate Milkshake Day!).

Printable September 2021 Calendars

To download your free printable September calendars, just click on the the links below! Some of the calendars have Sunday start dates and some have Monday start dates, so you can use whichever ones you prefer.

And when you’re done, be sure to check out my post on How to Create a Weekly Plan for maximum productivity, and grab the cute weekly planner templates there!

Modern Lined September Calendar – Download HERE

modern black and white calendar printable

Simple Teal September 2021 Calendar – Download HERE

September 2021 printable calendar with teal design

Orange Blossom September Calendar – Download HERE

September 2021 calendar with orange floral design

September Floral Coloring Calendar – Download HERE

printable September 2021 calendar to color in

Rainbow Colored Calendar PDF – Download HERE

rainbow colored September calendar

Pastel Colored September Calendar with To-Do’s – Download HERE

September 2021 calendar with notes section

Simple Horizontal Layout September Calendar – Download HERE

September calendar PDF

Unconventional Calendar Printable with Notes Section – Download HERE

modern style September 2021 calendar with notes

After you’re done printing your September calendar, check out some of these posts that can help you get organized and be more productive:

Then come back next month to grab your free printable October calendars!

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7 different free printable September calendars

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