Edible Finger Paint: A Rainy Day Activity for Kids

Looking for a fun rainy date activity for kids? Try this easy edible finger paint recipe

“Mom, I’m bored.”

As you’re literally right in the middle of cleaning up your kids’ playroom that is jam-packed with enough toys to bring Toys ‘R Us back from extinction.

“Mom, I’m bored.”

You’ve heard it four times and it’s not even lunch time yet.

So you reach into your imaginary Mom bag of tricks that only parents could dream up…

And you pull out this fun rainy day activity for kids…

Edible Finger Paint.

Homemade edible finger paint recipe for toddlers! A fun rainy day activity for kids!

And, it’s only two ingredients that you probably already have on hand. Score!

Okay, I have to give credit where credit is due… This edible finger paint was actually my youngest daughter’s idea. Pretty brilliant for a 6 year old.

And since it took less than 5 minutes to set up, and only required two simple ingredients, I was on board.

There is one caveat to this edible finger paint, though…

Don’t plan on hanging the finished art on the walls. Unless you want a fly infestation in your home. And, trust me, you don’t…

We had a MAJOR baby fly issue a few months back. We started noticing a TON of flies in the house and tried everything to get rid of them. We removed everything from the kitchen and pantry and scrubbed the cabinets from top to bottom.  We set off bug bombs.  We tried EVERYTHING, and those pesky flies kept coming back.

Until one day, I went to throw something away in my daughter’s teeny trash can under her desk and discovered a mother-load of maggots.  Not kidding.

She had thrown away a half-eaten biscuit in there, and I had never bothered to check it because I just thought she used it for pencil shavings.

Yup, I’m a great parent.

So, don’t feel bad about that half-eaten, fossilized apple that you discovered in your child’s backpack… in August… before the school year even started.

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But back to this easy two-ingredient edible finger paint…

Here’s how to prep this awesome rainy day activity for kids:

How to Make Edible Finger Paint

Step 1: Gather Your Supplies

This edible finger paint recipe only takes a couple of ingredients and supplies that you probably already have on hand:

Homemade edible finger paint recipe for toddlers!  A fun rainy day activity for kids!
  • Whipped cream (the kind that comes in a tub NOT a can) – You can also use vanilla yogurt or pudding!
  • Food coloring
  • Muffin tin or small bowls
  • Disposable plate or paper to “paint” on
  • Newspaper or wax paper to cover the work area

Step 2: Scoop Whipped Cream into muffin tin or bowls

I really like using a muffin tin for this easy edible finger paint, because it holds the perfect amount of “paint”. And you only have to wash one dish instead of six. 🙂

Homemade edible finger paint recipe for toddlers! A fun rainy day activity for kids!

Step 3: Mix drops of food coloring into whipped cream until you get the desired colors

I prefer the liquid drops of food coloring, but the gels work fine also, and they’re usually easier to find in the stores.

I mixed red and blue food coloring to make purple paint, and red and yellow coloring to make orange paint. That way I had 6 different colors to fill my muffin tin.

Step 4: Paint!

Grab some cheap styrofoam or paper plates and let your kids go to town! I really like using disposable plates for this activity, because the sides of the plate keep the “paint” more contained.

Plus, you can just throw the plates away after your kids are done with their temporary masterpieces.

Homemade edible finger paint recipe for toddlers! A fun rainy day activity for kids!

Other Ingredients to Use for Edible Finger Paint

Love the idea but don’t want your kids hopped up on whipped cream?

If you want a healthier version of this edible finger paint, try using:

  • Vanilla yogurt
  • Vanilla pudding cups
  • Different flavors of no sugar added jelly… Though this one could get really sticky!

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What’s hiding in your Mom bag of tricks? What is your favorite rainy day activity for kids?

Leave me a comment below and help some fellow Mamas keep their kids entertained without having to sign up for circus school.

Or, check out TeachingMama for loads of other great rainy day activities for kids!

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    1. Hi Sandra! You may want to try the vanilla yogurt version if she eats everything in sight! Haha! Maybe a little bit healthier. 🙂

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  2. This is brilliant! My one year old is going to have a blast with this and I won’t be stressing over her trying to eat the paint. Thank you for sharing!