Farmhouse Decor for Cheap! The Key Farmhouse Elements for Under $20!

This is some of the best farmhouse decor for cheap! Try one of these farmhouse decor DIYs on a budget, or check out these farmhouse items that you can buy for under $20!

In case you’ve been living under a rock, Farmhouse decor is having a major moment. 

And I have fully jumped on the black and white, buffalo check, galvanized metal bandwagon.  Thank you, Joanna! 

But, how can you add Farmhouse style to your space without breaking the bank?  And, what Joanna Gaines-approved decor pieces should you look for? 

Read on for a breakdown of essential farmhouse items and where to find farmhouse decor for cheap!

Farmhouse Decor on a Budget - Farmhouse Finds under $20!
Farmhouse decor for cheap

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The Best Farmhouse Decor for Cheap

Galvanized Metal Buckets and Decor

Once just for the garden shed, galvanized metal is now making its way indoors. 

Grab a big ol’ galvanized bucket to store your kids toys or a small one to catch little knick-knacks like remotes or toothbrushes.  Or, plant some faux succulents or fresh herbs in galvanized metal pots for instant rustic charm.

My favorite way to use galvanized metal buckets is to store my daughters’ toothbrushes, toothpaste, and hairbrushes on the bathroom sink.  Since the buckets are galvanized, the toothpaste splatters are camouflaged until I can get the time to clean! 

Here’s a great choice that would be perfect for storing bathroom knick-knacks or even planting an indoor herb garden:

Galvanized Picnic Caddy and Planter Set   (affiliate)

Galvanized Vented Tin Wall Pocket with Hanger  (affiliate)

Farmhouse decor for cheap

Printable Farmhouse Wall Art

What’s cheaper than FREE?!

Free farmhouse printables are a great way to add farmhouse decor to your walls on a budget. Just print out your art work, pop it in a frame, and hang it on your walls.

Go here for loads (about 100 to be exact) of awesome FREE farmhouse printable wall art pieces, like these:

free farmhouse printables

Greenery and Cotton

Farmhouse style is all about casual comfort and bringing the outdoors in, and what better way to do that than adding some natural textures. 

My favorite way to add color to a neutral farmhouse room is with faux greenery. Grab some faux succulents or boxwood for a bright pop of color against your beiges and whites.  Or, incorporate some cotton stems into wall vases or wreaths for a soft and muted feel.

I recently made this super cute modern farmhouse wreath using faux grass that I found at Michael’s:

DIY farmhouse wreath with greenery

I love how it adds a punch of color to my grey front door. Go here to find out how to make your own DIY Square Wreath with Faux Grass.

Or, turn these boxwood stems into a DIY farmhouse wreath. Not too crafty? Buy a pre-made farmhouse wreath instead to greet your guests in true farmhouse decor form!

Artificial Boxwood (Pack of 6) (affiliate)

15″ Artificial Eucalyptus Wreath   (affiliate)

19″ Tall Cotton Stems – 3 per pack (affiliate)


Mason Jars for Everything

Farmhouse style is all about rustic and repurposed items. And mason jars are just that!

Not just for canning Grandma’s tomatoes, mason jars are making a major comeback in the form of soap dispensers, wall-mounted storage containers, and even lighting fixtures.

Grab an easy already-repurposed-for-you version or try your hand at a DIY.

Mason Jar Soap Dispenser   (affiliate)

Wall Hanging Mason Jar Decorative Accessories Set  (affiliate)

Ball Mason Jar Glass Salt and Pepper Shakers (affiliate)

Light and Airy Fabrics

Farmhouse style is all about light and bright spaces… think lots of whites and neutral tones.

I LOVE the white and off-white textiles of farmhouse decor, so I recently made these awesome DIY No-sew curtains to brighten up our dining room, since a white couch was a no-go with two kids.

Check out how I made these easy farmhouse curtains on a budget!

DIY farmhouse curtains on a budget

Chicken Wire – Not Just for the Coop

Wrangle your mail and knick-knacks not just your chickens. 

Incorporate chicken wire accented decor and functional pieces into your farmhouse style for another unexpected element of texture and rustic beauty. 

You can easily make a memo board by stapling chicken wire to the back of a large, pre-made picture frame. Or, check out this chicken wire farmhouse decor for cheap if you don’t want to DIY:

Farmhouse Vintage Metal Chicken Wire Storage Baskets (affiliate)

Wall Mounted Multipurpose Shelf  (affiliate)

Set of 3 Square Wire Berry Baskets (affiliate)

Rustic Signs in Modern Fonts

Create a personalized space by picking out rustic signs that speak to you. 

Signs with clever or funny sayings or quotes are a good way to interject humor into your farmhouse decor for cheap.  Or, put your faith on display with bible verse signs. 

Just be careful not to crowd a wall with too many wordy art pieces.  One to three signs per wall is a good rule of thumb.

You can also DIY your own farmhouse signs as a way to save money on farmhouse decor.

I have a HUGE blank wall in my living room, and I needed to cover it with something that wouldn’t look puny in comparison. I found a set of two large farmhouse signs at Hobby Lobby, but at $90, they weren’t exactly budget-friendly. So, I enlisted my hubby to help me make these:

If you want to try your hand at a DIY farmhouse wood sign, then check out this post: Cheap and Easy DIY Farmhouse Signs: A Step-by-Step Tutorial!

Or, check out these farmhouse signs on a budget:

Set of 4 Unframed Bathroom Art Prints (affiliate)

Farmhouse Tin Sign (affiliate)

Home Sweet Home Script Distressed Sign (affiliate)

Classic Subway Tile

Classic white subway tile is another way to add farmhouse style to any room… or even the fireplace.

We recently gave our 90’s builder grade fireplace a much-needed makeover with paint! I painted our fireplace tile to look like subway tile, and I am absolutely IN LOVE with the finished product:

Yes, that faux subway tile is painted on! So, it was much cheaper than re-tiling the whole fireplace.

Plus, did you notice the farmhouse lanterns hanging on the sides of our TV? Guess what’s inside them?! Hint: it’s NOT $40 large candles!

Give up?

Paper towels! Yup, we filled our farmhouse lanterns with a roll of paper towels, and you can’t even tell. When guests come to visit, they are so shocked because because it looks like we have expensive candles in our lanterns. The lanterns hang high enough, and they have decorative sides, so you don’t even notice. 🙂

Buffalo Check

I’m sure you’ve heard that mixing black and brown is a no-no.  Sure, this rule may apply to fashion, but when it comes to farmhouse decor for cheap, black and brown play well together. 

Just ask Joanna Gaines…  She fearlessly mixes bold black and white buffalo check patterns with brown tones in wood decor pieces. 

Incorporate buffalo check into your farmhouse space in the form of throw pillows, plush blankets, curtains, and accent rugs for coziness that screams modern and cool lumberjack.

Set of 2 Farmhouse Decorative Throw Pillow Covers (affiliate)

Ultra Soft Oversized Throw Blanket (affiliate)

Cotton Buffalo Check Table Runner (affiliate)


Decorating with burlap is another great way to incorporate rustic and primitive texture into your farmhouse decor for cheap. 

Burlap is a super thrifty fabric and it can easily be crafted into wreaths, table runners, pillow covers, and fun art pieces. 

Living in Wyoming, we had plenty of burlap sacks laying around (our horse feed came packaged in cute fabric bags that just begged to be repurposed).  A metal wreath form and a good pair of scissors was all it took to make a modern farmhouse burlap wreath!

I also recently used a burlap-looking drop cloth to give my dining room a farmhouse update. I covered my HUGE modern, abstract art with a drop cloth and stenciled on top with a Sharpie marker and typeface letter stencils to make this farmhouse sign:

Farmhouse dining room - Farmhouse decor for cheap

You can go here to check out the tutorial for this Easy DIY Farmhouse Wall Art Using Drop Cloths!

Don’t want to DIY your burlap decor?  Check out these options, all under $20!

Set of 4 Farmhouse Fringe Burlap Placemats (affiliate)

Burlap Table Runner with Gray Border (affiliate)

Farmhouse Style Burlap Pillow Cover (affiliate)

Farmhouse Clocks (Not Under $20!)

Farmhouse decor is all about celebrating the past and a simpler time.  And nothing says primitive like an actual clock.  You know, the kind with hour and minute hands.  The ones that you actually have to read, instead of just asking Alexa what time it is. 

Pick an oversized wall clock to give a large wall some farmhouse charm, or accessorize your hallway with one that is made to hang away from the wall.  Look for clocks that also incorporate other farmhouse decor elements like rustic wood, windmills, or galvanized metals.

Here are some great options… but be warned, these are NOT under $20:

Metal Windmill Rustic Primitive Clock (affiliate)

Farmers Market Clock with Hanging Fruit Basket (affiliate)

Farmhouse Metal and Solid Wood Ticking Wall Clock (affiliate)

Shiplap on a Budget

Well, let’s be honest… there really isn’t such thing as shiplap on a budget!

But, if you’re like me and love shiplap but don’t have the budget for it, then try reverse shiplap!

We recently added this reverse shiplap wall treatment to our dining room wall for under $75! I love how it brightens up our whole dining room and adds interest to the blank wall:

Want an easy farmhouse style DIY wall treatment? Try this DIY reverse shiplap wall treatment to add texture and interest to plain walls!

Are you absolutely ga-ga over the Farmhouse style too? 

If you’re not crafty, or if you have no idea what “DIY” stands for, then try some of these store-bought items for farmhouse decor for cheap. Add some of these cute and rustic elements into your decor for a cool, modern farmhouse look without going broke.

Or try one of my easy DIY farmhouse projects to get farmhouse decor on a budget!

The Best Site for Farmhouse Decor for Cheap – You’ve Probably Never Heard of it!

If you want loads of daily inspiration and ideas for farmhouse decor for cheap delivered to your inbox, be sure to check out my absolute favorite daily deal site… 

Move over Groupon, Decor Steals is the ultimate daily deals site for everything farmhouse!  They post a brand new deal every single day at 10am, plus two bonus deals. 

Check them out here for rustic farmhouse decor that you can’t find anywhere else!  And be sure to get on the email list so you don’t miss a single daily deal!

The best daily deals site for farmhouse decor for cheap! Get cheap farmhouse decor that you can't find anywhere else!

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